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Carlson 發表於 2018-5-15 16:06
兩睇啦 如果你話要拎個冠軍既領隊 又肯過黎既現實d睇 咪又係得肥賓同雲尼亞里肯過黎 Farve去有歐聯資格既 ...

球圈有幾多肥普丫? 如果搏10次才搵到一個肥普,咁搏得過嗎?我地搏左3次,輸足3次,第4次還要去搏嗎?

barker 發表於 2018-5-15 17:15:12

Forever_Fan 發表於 2018-5-15 17:11
球圈有幾多肥普丫? 如果搏10次才搵到一個肥普,咁搏得過嗎?我地搏左3次,輸足3次,第4次還要去搏嗎? ...

你同 Moshiri 講 , 他要搏第四次

Arteta 發表於 2018-5-15 17:26:32

Forever_Fan 發表於 2018-5-15 17:11
球圈有幾多肥普丫? 如果搏10次才搵到一個肥普,咁搏得過嗎?我地搏左3次,輸足3次,第4次還要去搏嗎? ...

我都覺得要搏一搏,以前Moyes 也是沒英超經驗,也是成功例子,就算現在搏輸了,以現在班底財力,也不用降班,總也好過用big sam吧

24cheung 發表於 2018-5-15 17:46:32

Anyone but not Big Sam

24cheung 發表於 2018-5-15 17:49:55


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如果班主揀要move forward, 我當然歡迎。
無論你支持邊種風格的愛華頓,大家都係想make everton great again!

Fuko~ 發表於 2018-5-15 20:05:04


Sam Allardyce looks set to leave Everton in the next 24 hours – with former Watford manager Marco Silva the preferred choice to replace him.

Sky Sports News believes Allardyce to due to meet Everton’s majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri tomorrow where hissix months in charge at Goodison Park will come to an end.

It’s understood Allardyce will be paid the vast majority of the final 12 months of his contract, estimated at around £6m.



Everton tried to tempt Marco Silva to Goodison Park last November when the Portuguese was flying high at Watford. Everton offered as much as £12m in compensation for Silva, only for Watford to stand strong and rebuff their approach.

Allardyce secured eighth place for Everton in the Premier League after just two defeats in their final nine league matches.

Last night, speaking to Sky Sports News, Allardyce also suggested that Wayne Rooney’s future at Goodison would be decided tomorrow.


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Sam Allardyce looks set to leave Everton in the next 24 hours – with fo ...


Fuko~ 發表於 2018-5-15 20:08:36

ur reporter Kaveh Solhekol has been speaking on Sky Sports News regarding the future of David Moyes as West Ham manager.

He said: "West Ham are very pleased with the job he has done at the club. My understanding is that he was told that it is unlikely that they will continue with him as their manager.

"I'm told it's 'touch and go' whether he stays at West Ham. The feeling at West Ham amongst the owners David Sullivan and David Gold is that they need a manager who can take the club further forward, to the next level.

"They want a big name who can bring them success and take the pressure off them.

"What I'm being told is that if they part company with David Moyes, the kind of names they would be looking at to replace him would be Rafa Benitez and also Manuel Pellegrini."

唔單止我地禁諗,連韋斯咸都想揀左BIG MAN先。所以我一直都話老莫要係其他地方拎錦標先...起碼都去蘇超或者荷超呢D容乜易拎冠軍的地方。

niclas 發表於 2018-5-15 20:41:03

barker 發表於 2018-5-13 17:12
Moshiri 要全面控制愛華頓話事權

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